Integrated activities “Mounds and burial mounds”

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Integrated activities “Mounds and burial mounds”

2020 October 4-6

Teachers’ team: L. Rutkauskaitė; E. Baciuškienė; R. Bartkiene; V. Svinkūnienė; V. Klusevičienė

Participants – 45 students of I-IV grades.

The aim of STEAM activities: To develop students’ creativity and initiative competence by planning, implementing and reflecting on their educational activities outside the school.

Teaching methods, teaching: Problem-based teaching – how the landscape is used to create a defensive system in medieval Lithuania was studied. The expedition strategy for organizing educational activities outside the school is based on the provisions of experiential reflective education (unique experiences, individual knowledge, observations, data and material for research, experiments in later activities at school are accumulated during trips, cognitive trips, educational activities).

Assessment: Individualized assessment of progress.

Relations, cooperation: Cooperation with Gražutė Regional Park Directorate.

STEAM environment: The activities took place in a “classroom without borders” in Gražutė Regional Park, and students collected and shared information based on which they created video lessons.

Dissemination: Published on the Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium website (www.jotvingiai.alytus), on the STEAM platform.

Result: Created group work for students – video lesson (

Public presentation of the work (film) on the Microsoft Teams platform. Information sharing in the Padlet environment.

Teacher: V. Svinkūnienė